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  What a memory-no AC, no water cooler, not even a fan when electricity was cut,salty water, always dry municipality drinking water tap, fanning ourselves to sleep using a hand-fan. Yet it was Vrindavan Dham with all its beauty and sweetness! No basic facilities, but a state of pure joy! Amazing! All those experiences are real gold. Never to trade for anything else.


  Woke up this morning, had one cleanse in the shower, another with japa, another with gayatri, another with puja, another by looking at the Vraja photos once again. Everyone take a look at Vijay Radhika's photo file at Vrindavan Experience here on Facebook.
  I like what Radhacaran said. If I were a bug in Vraja it would be better than being anything....any place else. And when those bugs pop off, they go back to Krishna.



  We may forget, time and time again. And, time and time again, our most dear friend Harinama reminds us.All glories to Sri Krishna sankirtan.


  If a person hears about, glorifies, meditates upon, worships or simply offers great respect to the Supreme Lord, who is situated within the heart, the Lord will remove from his mind the contamination accumulated during many thousands of lifetimes.
  My dear King, the Personality of Godhead is the ultimate controller. He is the Supreme Soul and the supreme shelter of all beings. When meditated upon by those about to die, He reveals to them their own eternal spiritual identity.
  My dear King, although Kali-yuga is an ocean of faults, there is still one good quality about this age; Simply by chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, one can become free from material bondage and be promoted to the trascendental kingdom.
   Whatever result was obtained in Satya-yuga by meditating on Visnu, in Treta-yuga by performing sacrifices, and in Dvapara-yuga by serving the Lord's lotus feet can be obtained in Kali-yuga simply by  the chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra.



  I thought my room was hot....then I opened the door and stepped outside. Bring back lots of blissful memories of the austerities of my youthful days in Vraja. Jai Jai Radha, Shyam, Sri Vrindavan Dham.
我觉得房间里很热……然后开门走到外面去。带回来很多我年轻的时候在布茹阿佳苦行的极乐的记忆。佳呀佳呀 茹阿达,夏玛,施瑞 温达文圣地。


  The floodgates of Radha Raman's mercy were fully opened yesterday night. The nectar stream was so powerful that even my desert heart felt relief when the devotees sang His arati song of love. Jai Radha Raman.




BB 哥文达·斯瓦米·玛哈茹阿的甜美甘露之四


  Denis and I wait for a flight to Dehra Dun. Next stop, Rishikesh. Embarking on Chardham Parikrama, a pilgrimage to Badrinatha, Kedarnatha, Yamnotri and Gangotri. We'll send pictures....if there is internet in heaven.


  Sitting inches from the Ganga, watching the sun set behind the mountains, waiting for arati at Parmarth Niketan. May Ganga Devi bathe my sinful heart and allow pure bhakti to flow within. Ganga Mayi Ki Jai!!
  Taking rest with open windows and no AC. Yesterday 46 degrees and this afternoon upon arrival 26.I can see why yogis come here to keep cool heads. Looking at the moonlit Ganga. Good night from Rishkesh.

坐在恒河岸边,注视着太阳下山,等待在帕尔玛特-尼克坦的阿尔提。愿恒河女神冲洗我罪孽深重的内心,并允许它充满纯粹的奉爱。刚嘎 玛义 克依 佳呀!


  5:39 and leaving Rishkesh for Yamnotri. Ganga Devi Ki Jai! It will be a 12 hour mountain car ride. Yamnotri is the source of the holy Yamuna river....Yamuna Mayi Ki Jai!! O Ganga, you immediately destroys all sins and miseries. You bestow ultimate happiness and the supreme liberation, for you are the ultimate shelter.8;10....Passing a small mountain town named Chamba. Very curvy roads, from the road it's a long way to the bottom. Inspiration for good japa! 9:30 Chappati and paratha and pre-digested potato sabji at a roadside dhaba. A mystical view below, through the mist, of the Bhagirati Ganga. 11:11 Road closed due to one truck driving over the edge. The driver was drinking and the rest is history. They have a crane attached to the lorry trying to pull it up. Minimum two hours we'll be sitting here.
五点三十九分我们离开瑞希凯施去雅沐诺垂。刚嘎戴薇克依 佳呀!小汽车将在山路上开12小时。雅沐诺垂是神圣的雅沐那河的源头……雅沐那 玛义 克依 佳呀!恒河啊,您立刻摧毁了所有的罪恶和苦难。您赐予最大的幸福和最高的解脱,因为您是终极的庇护所。八点十分……路过一个名叫强巴的小山镇。很弯曲的公路,有一条很长的公路直到山脚。念诵了灵感良好的佳帕!九点三十分,我们在路边的小店荣耀了查帕提(印度面包)、帕茹阿塔(煎饼)和事先煮好的土豆萨布吉。透过薄雾,山下是一幅巴给茹阿提恒河神秘的风景画。十一点十一分,道路因为一辆卡车翻到路边而关闭了。司机在喝酒,其他就是过去的事了。他们用一辆起重机吊住卡车努力把它拉上来。最低限度,我们将要在这里坐两个小时。


  Stayed in Siyan Chatti last night,6:30 AM drove to Janki Chatti and reached at 7:45. Started walking to Yamnotri at 8:00. Many, many pilgrims on foot, donkey, palanquins. Reached the top at 10:30 and had bath in the Yamuna and the hot spring, darshan of Yamuna Devi Temple. Walked down and drove out at 3:00PM.


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