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Remembering Tamal Krishna Goswami                              By  Ananda Tirtha Das

忆念 Tamal Krishna Goswami – Ananda Tirtha 达萨

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

This is something I wrote in April last year describing my impression of HDG Tamal Krishna Maharaja's disappearance. Hare Krishna.


请接受我谦卑的顶拜, 所有荣耀归于Srila Prabhupada.

以下是我去年四月(02)写下的, 师尊 Tamal Krishna Goswami隐迹时的感想.   HareKrishna



March 15 began as any other day during the Festival in Mayapur: a sweet and crowded mangala-arati spent wriggling and weaving through crowds of devotees, especially around Nrsimhadeva's altar and during Tulasi-puja. Little did anyone know what was to come.

315日的开始, 就如在玛亚普过节时的其它日子一样: 甜美而拥挤的吉祥灯仪, 奉献者们簇拥着, 尤其是在主Nrsimhadeva的祭坛前和在Tulasi崇拜时. 没有人知道接下来将要发生什么事.


During the announcements, I noticed BB Govinda Maharaja standing near the microphone. One of the announcements was that six devotees in Mauritius had died in a car accident.

在宣告时, 我看到BB Govinda Maharaj 站到了麦克风旁. 其中一个宣告是在毛里求斯有六位奉献者在车祸中丧生.


Once the regular announcements were over, Govinda Maharaja took the mike and made the following announcement: "Hare Krishna, we've just received news that His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami has been involved in a car accident and is unconscious. So we request the devotees to observe a one-minute silence and pray for his well-being."

宣告刚结束, Govinda Maharaj取过麦克风分布了以下信息 ” Hare Krishna, 我们刚收到消息, 尊者 Tamal Krishna Goswami 出了车祸并失去知觉. 因此请所有奉献者做一分钟的祷告, 祈求他的平安.”


My heart sank again at this news and I swore mentally. The minute of deep prayer passed quickly, and Maharaja and other senior devotees quickly left the temple to go to the accident site.

我觉得心情沉重, 并在心中做了祈祷. 一分钟的祷告很快过去, Maharaj和其它年长的奉献者匆匆离开庙宇, 赶往事发地点.


That morning a special energy seized everyone in the temple room. Japa period was unusually intense as the devotees stayed put in the temple and took shelter of the holy names, praying for Maharaja's well-being. Looking back, it reminds me of how when Aristasura entered Vrindavan, the frightened gopis immediately took shelter of Krsna by hugging Tamal trees (no pun intended), which reminded them of Krsna. In the same way we took shelter of the holy name in that time of crisis.

整个早上, 一种特别的力量笼罩着庙宇里的每一个人. 念诵时间里, 气氛变得凝重, 奉献者们都留在庙堂里, 托庇于圣名, 祈求着Maharaj的平安.


At 6:30 am, Sridhar Swami began a loud, prayerful kirtana in front of Lord Nrsimhadeva's altar. He sang the Nrsimha prayers at least three times. By darsana-arati at 7:00, about 100 devotees were participating in the kirtana.

6:30, Sridhar Swami开始在主Nrsimhadeva的祭坛前领起了一次响亮的Kirtan. 他至少唱颂了三次Nrsimha祷文. 7点正觐见灯仪时, 至少100名奉献者参与了此次灵唱.


At 7:30, just before Radha Madhava darshan, Sridhar Maharaja took the microphone. He spoke in a sad, emotion-laden voice. Hare Krishna, I have a very sad announcement to make. His Holiness. . . His Divine Grace Tamal Krishna Maharaja has gone back to Krsna."

7:30, 在觐见Radha Madhava之前, Sridhar Maharaj拿起麦克风. 他以充满悲伤的声音说” HareKrishna, 我要宣布一个很坏的消息. 尊者, 师尊 Tamal Krishna Goswami已经回归到Krishna的居所


Immediately several ladies began wailing and the hearts of hundreds of devotees dropped simultaneously. Narasimha Maharaja then made the announcement in Chinese for the Taiwanese devotees.

马上, 一些女士开始嚎啕大哭, 数以百计的奉献者的心也在下沉. Narasimha Maharaj用中文告诉了台湾的奉献者们.


The darshan arati, parikrama, and guru-puja passed by in a blur as our emotions flew in different directions digesting this shocking news with all its ramifications. The Taiwanese devotees sat around the temple in small groups, chanting tearfully. Sitaram Laksman Prabhu from Perth caught my arm and asked if he should phone Perth to inform the devotees there. He was sobbing so much he had to repeat himself several times before I could understood what he was saying. I too was crying.

觐见灯仪, Parikrama 和灵性导师崇拜都受到了影响, 因为我们都在努力地去消化这个令人震惊的消息. 台湾的奉献者们在庙堂里分组围坐, 边悲伤地唱颂着. 来自佩思(澳大利亚)Sitarama Laksman帕布捉着我的手臂, 询问是否应该致电通知佩思的奉献者们. 他哭得如此厉害, 以至不得不重复数次, 才让我明白他所说的. 而我也在哭泣.


Gone was the usual frivolous eating and shopping scene in the courtyard, the lax socializing and easygoing mood. Everyone realized this was a momentous occasion.

在院子里进食和购物的常境, 松懈悠闲的心情均不复存在. 每个人都知道这是个重要的时刻.


Once again the only shelter was the holy names—Nama bina ache nahiko aro, chauda bhuvana mage —"There is nothing but the holy names in all the fourteen worlds." The kirtan never stopped that day. Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu led the parikrama kirtan, then HH Prabhavisnu Maharaja led the gurupuja and kirtana all the way till 10:30. Then HH Mahavisnu Maharaja continued, and later Deena Bandhu Prabhu and others kept the kirtan going till the temple closed at 1 pm. Devotees chanted, danced, and cried in front of Sri Sri Radha Madhava.

再一次, 唯一的庇护只有圣名 – Nama Bina ache nahiko aro, chauda bhuvana mage – “十四个世界内只有圣名, 再无它物 在这一天里, Kirtan没有停止一刻. Prahlad Nrsimha帕布带领了Parikrama的灵唱, 尊者Prabhavisnu Maharaj领唱了灵性导师的崇拜和灵唱, 直到10:30. 接着尊者Mahavisnu Maharaj 继续, 然后是DeenaBandhu帕布和其他人,直到庙堂在下午一点关闭. 奉献者们在Sri Sri Radha Madhava面前唱颂, 舞蹈和哭泣.


During the gurupuja I called Narasimha Maharaja aside and took down a brief message from him about the events to be announced on e-mail. I sent it immediately so as many devotees as possible worldwide could be informed promptly and join in the mood of remembrance and glorification of Tamal Krishna Maharaja.

在灵性导师崇拜的时候, 我把Narasimha Maharaj叫到一旁, 并向他咨询了事情的大概经过, 以便我在电邮中发出. 之后, 我马上把这信息发给全球所有能想到的奉献者, 让他们能一起忆念和荣耀 Tamal Krishna Maharaj.


At one point someone announced that all disciples of Tamal Krishna Maharaja should go to Bhakti Caru Swami's rooms for a meeting. Bhakti Caru Maharaja himself was sitting in the temple room and seemed totally distraught. I followed the devotees up and attended the first of the many sessions of glorification of Maharaja. This one was unofficial, and not so well attended but was still charged with glorification of Maharaja in the mood of separation from a great Vaisnava.

在某一时刻, 有人宣布所有Tamal Krishna Goswami的门徒都集中到Bhakti Caru Swami的房间去集会.  Bhakti Caru Swami自己坐在庙堂里, 看上去完全失控了. 我跟随奉献者们去到Maharaj的房间, 参加了许多荣耀Maharaj集会的首场. 这是非正式的, 参与的人不多, 但仍然在与这位伟大的外士那瓦分离的心态中, 充满了对Maharaj的荣耀.


I was inspired to try and type the speeches, but it was a bit too hard to keep up with the speakers so what came out was a bit messy. I continued doing it the next day and managed to send out quite a large document to Maharaja's disciples. I felt it was the least I could do to help them in their hour of need.

我被授意尝试着把这些讲话记录下来, 但却很难跟上讲话人的速度, 因此效果不太理想. 在接下来的那天我继续这工作, 并设法把这很大的文件发给了Maharaj的门徒. 我想这是在他们需要的时刻, 我能做的最少的帮助.


After a couple of hours, Sridhar Maharaja announced that Maharaja's body was going to arrive at the main gate at about 2:30 pm. In preparation for the samadhi ceremony, Bhaktividya Purna Maharaja and crew had readied two rooms at the back of the Conch building for preparing Maharaja's and Vrindavanesvari's bodies. She had also left her body in the accident, and several other devotees had been injured. Once again, hundreds of devotees gathered in anticipation at the main gate. The kirtan was again raging.

数小时后, Sridhara Maharaj宣布Maharaj的莲花身体将在约14:30到底庙宇的大门. 在准备三摩地(灵墓)之时, Bhaktividya Purna Maharaj和其他人已备好了大楼后的两个房间给MaharajVrindavanesvari. (Vrindavanesvari)也在意外中离开了躯体, 同行的数位奉献者也受了伤. 再一次, 数以百计的奉献者聚集在大门, 灵唱也再次如雷响起.


Finally a white temple bus, full of weary-looking devotees, pulled in the gate and drove slowly down the road to the temple, parking in front of the Conch Building.

最后, 一辆白色的庙宇汽车满载疲倦的奉献者驶进大门, 在庙宇的路上缓缓停下, 在海螺楼前停了下来.

I went upstairs to get a better view. It was sickening to see Maharaja's pale, lifeless body being stretcher out of the van and carried to the room through the jostling crowds. Mataji's body was also taken into another room for cleaning and preparation. About an hour passed, during which time the kirtana continued outside the room. Blank-faced devotees milled around in all directions like lost sheep. The wails of lamentation of a Bengali girl hardly 14 years old and just initiated by Maharaja a few days previously, were particularly  heartrending.

我到楼上以便能更好地看清情况. 看着Maharaj了无生气的身体被抬出汽车, 穿过人群进入房间, 实在无法令人忍受. Mataji(Vrindavanesvari)的身体则被送入另外一个房间进行清洁和准备. 一个小时过去了, 这期间灵唱一直在进行着. 失色的奉献者们如失群的绵羊般散在四周. 一位在数天前刚接受Maharaj启迪的14岁孟加拉女孩的嚎哭, 额外令人心碎.


Then Maharaja was carried into the temple for his final darshan of Sri Sri Radha Madhava and for the devotees' final darshan of His Divine Grace. Navigating the crowds with the palanquin was a real challenge. Maharaja's body was kept for some time on the altar in front of Panca Tattva to give everyone a chance to touch his feet for the last time. At this point I spied in the crowd my friend Radha Krishna Prabhu, a disciple of Maharaja whom I hadn't seen for several years. He had just arrived in Mayapur and heard the news of his Guru Maharaja's departure. I couldn't look at his shocked and sickened face.

接着, Maharaj的灵躯被抬到庙堂, 最后一次觐见Sri Sri Radha Madhava, 也便于被奉献者们最后一次向他致意. 抬着肩舆穿过人群极非易事. Maharaj的身体被放置在五圣体的祭坛上并停留了一段时间, 如此每个人都得到最后一次触碰他的莲花足的机会. 期间我看到了一位数年未见的朋友 Radha Krishna 帕布. 他是Maharaj的一位门徒. 他刚到达玛亚普就得知了他的灵性导师辞世的消息, 我无法去看他那张满是震惊悲哀的脸.


At this point I slipped away from the temple to see what was happening with Vrindavanesvari Mataji. I knew her quite well as she was a close friend of my mother's. She was always cheerful, and very Krsna conscious. I felt I ought to attend her last rites.

这时, 我离开庙堂去看Vrindavanesvari Mataji的情况如何. 我与她相当熟悉, 因为她是我母亲的密友. 她总是很愉快, 并且有着很好的Krishna知觉. 我想我应该参加她最后的仪式.


Her body was just being brought out of the room, and was carried by stretcher to the bank of the Ganga via the Big Kitchen gate. A small group of about 25 friends and well-wishers accompanied her, singing softly. Several were crying. Some devotees had already prepared wood for her pyre. More onlookers gathered as Gaura Hari Prabhu and company dug a shallow hole in the soft Ganga mud and stacked the wood for burning. Ramai Swami and Prabhavisnu Swami, GBC's for her native New Zealand, were also in attendance.

The time came to place her body on top and I helped move it from the stretcher to the pyre. I stepped on the mattress on which she had been lying and was dismayed to find the sole of my foot covered in blood. Her body had just been cleaned and had only been on the mattress for a short time, which reveals the extent of her injuries.

她的身体刚被带出房间, 通过大厨房的门被担架抬往恒河. 大约25名朋友和祝愿者组成的小团队陪伴着她, 柔和地唱颂着. 其中一些在哭泣. 一些奉献者以把火葬的柴木准备好. Gaura Hari帕布和同伴们在柔软的恒河泥土上挖下浅坑准备火葬时, 更多人聚集来观看. Ramai Swami Prabhavisnu Swami, 负责新西兰的两位GBC, 也出席了.


Her husband, Kalasamvara Prabhu, who had been injured in the accident, was there to perform her last rites. He was bandaged in several places and using crutches. He struggled bravely to circumambulate the pyre and nearly tripped over in the soft mud a couple of times. That he had to carry a burning stick at the same time made it even more difficult. In the presence of a crowd of about 100 devotees and onlookers, he lit her pyre.

她的丈夫, 同样在车祸中受伤的Kalasamvara帕布, 也来到参加她最后的仪式. 他身上多处绑着绷带, 而且柱着拐杖. 他挣扎着绕行(火葬的)柴堆, 数次几乎在泥泞中绊倒. 他同时要带着火把更增加了难度. 在近100位奉献者和旁人的面前, 他点燃了柴堆.


We all watched as the flames rose quickly and consumed the body of a great Vaisnavi. It was the most auspicious of places and the most auspicious of situations, with so many devotees chanting the holy names of the Lord and praying for her. We all trust Her Grace Vrindavanesvari Devi Dasi attained the supreme destination.

我们看着火焰很快升起, 吞噬了一位伟大外士那维的身体. 这是最吉祥的地点和情形, 有众多的奉献者唱颂着主的圣名并为她祈祷. 我们都深信Vrindavanesvari Devi Dasi 到达了至尊的目的地.


There was no time for further reflection, however. Maharaja's samadhi ceremony was still to be performed. Evening was already approaching, and lights had been put up near the samadhi pit. Hundreds of devotees accompanied the palanquin carrying his body from the temple to Srila Prabhupada's samadhi for a last darshan. In retrospect it would seem that he is now having eternal darshan of Srila Prabhupada, but we who are left here are bereft of his darshan.

无暇多想, Maharaj的三摩地仪式也将开始. 傍晚已经临近, 三摩地所在之处已有灯点起.数以百计的奉献者们陪伴着承载他灵体的肩舆, 从庙宇来到Srila Prabhupad 的三摩地做最后觐见. 似乎, 他已得以永恒地陪伴着Srila Prabhupad, 而我们却被剥夺了觐见他的机会.


The procession slowly descended the samadhi steps and pushed through the crowds to the freshly-dug pit. It was a chaotic scene with hundreds of people clustered around trying to peer into the pit to see the last rites. Many were looking on from the top of the samadhi. I couldn't get near and don't know exactly what happened. The kirtana was still raging, as it had been since 6:30 am — about twelve hours now, with only an hour's break in between. Maha Vishnu Swami looked like he could go on all night.

队伍超过人群, 逐渐走下刚挖好的三摩地. 数千人拥挤着尝试靠近灵墓, 使得场面混乱. 更多的人在灵墓顶上看着. 我无法走近, 因此不得而知事情进展如何. 灵唱仍在继续, 一如从早晨6:30分开始 至今已经有十二个小时了. 期间只是短暂的停止了一个小时. 看上去, Mahavisnu Swami 打算彻夜进行.


Once the samadhi ceremony was over, everyone respectfully circumambulated the mound of dirt marking Maharaja's resting place. Then, slowly, everyone began to disperse, at least in body. In spirit, I think everyone was elevated to the transcendental platform for days afterwards. By now it was already dark, and, as the rules go, the devotees involved in handling the bodies went to bathe in the Ganga with all their clothes. I hadn't eaten a bite all day, and neither had any others. After bathing I managed to scrounge a bit of prasadam at the deflated Gurukuli get-together being held that evening. Several times I passed by the samadhi site and saw devotees still gathered, chanting and praying there till maybe 10 pm.

仪式一旦完成, 每一个人都尊敬地绕行Maharaj栖息之地. 然后, 慢慢地, 人群散去 至少躯体上. 精神上, 我想在接下来的数天, 每个人都被提升到了超然的层面. 现在, 四周已是黑暗. 触碰过灵体的奉献者们按惯例前往恒河沐浴. 一天下来, 我点滴未进, 其他人也是如此. 沐浴后, 我设法进食了一点祭余. 几次我经过三摩地时, 仍然看到奉献者们聚集着, 念诵着, 或是祷告着, 直至大约晚上10.


The next day was another one surcharged with super-spiritual emotions. The whole morning, and the next day's too, was reserved for glorification of Maharaja and Vrindavanesvari Mataji. The pitiful, teary speeches of his disciples and Godbrothers, the soul-stirring bhajans in the mood of separation, and the somber mood of reflection and contemplation all created an atmosphere unlike any I have ever experienced. It was the most spiritual experience I have ever had.

随后的一天, 仍然是充满着非常灵性的情感. 整个早上和再下一天的早上, 都被用于荣耀MaharajVrindavanesvari Mataji. 他的神兄弟和门徒们令人落泪的讲演, 触入灵魂深处的, 在分离情感中的灵唱, 还有反思的忧郁心情, 都创造了一种前所未有的气氛.  这是我所经历过的最具灵性的时刻.


Even today, whenever I look back on those days, petty troubles and desires seem to melt away into insignificance. And whenever I pass by Maharaja's rapidly evolving samadhi I am struck by pangs of sadness and sobriety, and my dull consciousness is immediately elevated, at least for a short time. I know that many devotees have similar feelings after having attended Maharaja's disappearance festival. Who can estimate his potency, that even after his passing he is changing the hearts and lives of even those who hardly knew him? I pray that my mind may have been permanently turned away from its wicked tendencies at least a fraction after witnessing the glorious departure of Srila Tamal Krishna Maharaja. . . .

时至今日, 每当我回想起那些日子, 微小的困难和欲望都变得毫无意义. 而每当我经过Maharaj那正被迅速修建的三摩地时, 总是被悲痛和清醒撞击.  我呆滞的知觉便会即时被提升 至少在一段短时间内. 我知道许多参加过Maharaj隐迹节日的奉献者都有同样的感受. 谁能够评估他的力量 即便是在辞世后, 他仍然在改变着那些几乎和他不相识的人的内心和生活呢? 我祈求我的心意, 在见证过圣 Tamal Krishna Goswami光荣的隐迹后, 能永恒的远离它邪恶的倾向


There are so many lessons to be learned from the devotees' remembrances of Maharaja. Rather than futilely trying to describe them, I recommend all readers to directly listen to the homages and eulogies given by Maharaja's Godbrothers, Godsisters, and disciples.

从奉献者们对Maharaj的忆念中有许多的教训. 与其尝试去描述它们, 我建议各位直接去聆听Maharaj的神兄弟, 神姐妹和门徒们敬意和颂词.



 I guarantee you an unforgettably purifying experience. . . .

 我保证你们会得到无法忘怀的净化… …


I'll end this description with a verse describing the greatness of the Vaisnava:



                      aksnoh phalam tvadrsa-darsanam hi

                      tanoh phalam tvadrsa-gatra-sangah

                      jihva-phalam tvadrsa-kirtanam hi

                      su-durlabha bhagavata hi loke


      "O devotee of the Lord, to see you is the perfection of the eyes, to touch your body is the perfection of bodily activities, and to glorify your qualities is the perfection of the tongue, for it is very rare to find a pure devotee like you." [Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (13.2), quoted in CC Madhya 20.61]

       主的奉献者啊, 看到您是眼睛的完美; 去触碰您的身体是身体活动的完美; 荣耀您是舌头的完美; 因为, 要找到如您一般的奉献者实在是太罕有了


      I hope that you have gained something from my attempt to describe Maharaja's glorious departure.



Hare Krishna,


      In service to the Vaisnavas,



      Ananda Tirtha Das


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