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On Tuesday morning I left home at 05:00 accompanied by Madhava, Radha Mohan, Brajavasi Govinda and Bengali Gopinatha Bhadra. It was cool and very dark. Turning right at the Delhi highway we passed Chatikara and after a few kilometers turned left at Jait. The headlights cut the Vraja night and showed us red brick houses, blue doors, a saffron, white, green Indian flag painted on a boundary with a symbol of a hand instead of the dharma chakra, early risers squatting with fearful faces beneath hand pumps for their morning ablutions, shadows of large water buffaloes cast upon the walls, and small cow dung houses with ornamental design covering mounds of cooking patties. We arrived at the railway tracks waiting 15 minutes as two express train roared past one another. Returning to the Govardhan Road before Ral, we crossed the irrigation canal, passed Mukhara’s village, and slowly entered Radha Kund. When our driver parked in front of State Bank of India we left all inessentials and silently walked to Radha Kund. Moving down the steep ramp at the end of the Kund we performed acaman, offered obeisance, prayers, and were greeted by Sacinandan Swami and Sruta Kirti Prabhu. Maharaja reminded us that our parikrama was seva to please Radha and Krishna and that we should keep ourselves internally aligned with a fixed vow and prayer of divine aspiration. Hearing his deep instructions, sweetly spoken with a smile, we went the feet of Kundesavara Mahadeva and began the offering of our dandavats. Taking short breaks we concluded after 4.5 hours at Kusum Sarovar. Covered with a thick plaster of Vraja dust, mixed with perspiration, we took bath in the cool waters of Kusum Sarovara. I prayed that as the waters of the lake washed away the dust from our bodies, that our parikrama would wash away the dust of our hearts. Remembering Shyamsundar’s harassment of the Gopis collecting flowers at Kusum Sarovar we hoped for Giriraja Govardhan’s grace, to one day see these pastimes, and to become a flower-picking servant, protected by Sri Radha, as Krishna attempts to steal her flowers. O Vrindavan, my home, the land I love, please let me serve you.



Yesterday at noon our team happily finished day two of dandavat parikrama. We dipped in Kusum Sarovara and returned to Vraja. In the evening Madhava prabhu sang the Gratitude melody and the temple room exploded with harinama. Now it's Friday 21 Oct 05:21 and I am out the door, into the dark, for a solitary Vrindavan Parikrama japa walk. If I chant my japa sincerely I may meet Radhe Shyam as They quickly run from Their kunjas to Their homes at Nandagaon and Varsana. With slightly nervous, dark darting eyes gazing into the Vraja night, They may ask me to help with some small service to get home. O Kabe habe bolo .. sei din amar ?? Oh when oh when will that day be mine ??

昨天中午我们小组愉快地完成了两天的五体投地绕拜。我们在花湖里浸泡过后回到布茹阿佳。晚上玛达瓦帕布唱着感恩的旋律,圣名在庙堂里轰然爆发。现在是1021日星期五凌晨五点二十一分,我出门走进黑夜,独自进行绕拜温达文的佳帕散步。如果我认真地唱颂佳帕,我可能会遇见茹阿戴·夏玛,他们正迅速地从昆佳斯跑回他们在南达嘎恩(Nandagaon)和瓦尔萨纳(Varsana)的家。带着点紧张,我瞥向黑暗中的眼光凝视着布茹阿佳的夜晚,他们可能会请我做一点小小的服务让我回家。O Kabe habe bolo....sei din amar ?? 哦,什么时候啊,什么时候是我回归家园的那一天?



The evening kirtan was a roar of holy names. I was praying that the names would simultaneously burn the dirt from my heart and fulfill my spiritual hopes for service. The names of God are the wish fulfilling tree that gives cooling shelter to those burning in the fire of worldly desires. Harinama Sankirtan Ki Jai !!

晚间克依尔坦圣名唱的震天响。我在祈祷圣名将同时焚尽来自我心中的污垢并且满足我服务的灵性愿望。主的名字是如愿树,给予那些在世俗愿望的烈火中倍受煎熬的人以清凉的庇护。哈瑞纳玛 桑克依尔坦 克依 佳呀 !!



03:11 and leaving my room for the temple to chant with Madhava. Each morning cooler, 04:30 in the car, today travelling Mathura Road as we will begin in Manasi Ganga. Will try to make it as far as Bhaktivedanta Asrama. Pray that our parikrama and harinama will burn all other conceptions, then sincere yearning, and divine grace. Can a dwarf catch the moon, never. Grace of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna must decorate the hearts. Our only hope.



Yesterday the vaisnavas blessed and asked me to lead kirtan for an hour. We were joined by HH Jayadvaita Swami who gave blessings and shakti. The purifying sound of the names chanted by many vaisnavas was powerful. Jaya Kesava and Gopinath Bhadra were dancing like a graceful mad men. This morning I joined Madhava's kirtan from 03:30 till 04:30, saw the mangala darshan of Radhe Shyam, returned home and rested. Now walking out for Vrindavan Parikrama. We've had many good thoughts the past days on dandavats, will try to catch time today to share. Now, to walk around Vrindavan, my home, the land I love, whom I hope to eternally serve.

昨天外士那瓦们恩赐,请我领唱克依尔坦一个小时。给予祝福和力量(shakti)的圣佳亚兑塔 斯瓦米加入了我们。由许多奉献者唱颂圣名纯粹的声音很有力量。佳亚·凯萨瓦和哥琵纳特· 巴卓跳起舞来像优雅的疯子。今天凌晨从三点三十分到四点三十分我加入了玛达瓦的克依尔坦,参加了茹阿达-夏玛的曼嘎拉达善,回家休息。现在步行出去绕拜温达文。在刚过去几天的五体投地绕拜中,我们获得了许多美好的思绪,今天会设法找到时间和大家分享。现在徒步绕拜温达文,我的家,我热爱的这片土地,我希望永远服务您。



 Headlights show the lone form of a Vraja lady walking on the road, bright green skirt, head and face covered with a thin brilliant red dupatta, hands at her hips balancing 3 large multi sized brass water pots above her head, the picture of feminine gracefulness and strength. In the dark we reach Manasi Ganga entrance at Govaradhan village, dandavats begin. Turning right, we pass Giriraja Sweet Sho...p and hear the voice of Deena Bandhu prabhu calling Radhe Shyam Baba. Placing my head on his feet, seeking blessings, then abusing my friendship and wiping my sweaty dusty face on his dhoti. Turning left at Dangati, a place where I have questioned the sanity of dandoti wallas for many years, the imperial pooch on the path won’t move, his eyes gazing into the distance like a sadhu immersed in nama japa, a cart carrying busa pulled by a horse wearing ankle bells and whose ears have been sculpted to be very small sharp points, banana carts on the left side luring buyers to purchase fruits as seva for my furry simian friends, stretching out in the midst of hundreds of the passionate rascals we keep the mind fixed on our sankalpa knowing that a single moment distraction will invoke Giriraja’s mercy in the form of ape bite. Dandavat down .. a beautiful brown heifer standing like a goddess, daandavat up, the heifer begins her run at high speed, leaping, twisting her body like a ballerina, kicking the air, being pursued by a stately white bull afflicted with amorous intent. Scooter rickshaws speeding surprisingly close to my head, funky Vraja tractor buses taking kids to school, turning on the inside path, shade, and soft cotton like Vraja dust has been ground and reground by the hooves of Shyam’s meandering Surabhi cows, Kadamba trees, the trees with the yellow blossoms, bougainvilla, the ever so soft dust, a 15 minute group break, all flat on our backs in the cool dust, a most blissful stretch of dandavats, Giriraja Govardhan always on our right, a very healthy young boy falsely cries that his very round and full belly is starving, silence, golden silence, sun rays slow us down, I stop cursing Suryadeva and request him to burn more and more, burn away all my desires, all false conceptions, and let a new spiritual person rise from the ashes, with only the desire to serve Radhe Shyam, we were all covered in soft dust, devotees walked by and did not recognize us, how wonderful, how nice, unknown, disguised in Vraja dust, the soul is disguised with the dust of countless births and material conceptions, O Giriraja, burn away the dirt of so many conceptions, so many hopes for material enjoyment, let us live the lives of souls surrendered to God, let us always dwell in the house of humility and let us have faith that in that house the Lord will create our special room of love. Vrajavasi boys play games with dandavatis, sometimes striking them with sticks or tossing dirt upon their bodies, testing if the dandavati keeps his mind fix in the mood of humble yearning for spiritual attainment, Krishna is the most clever Vrajavasi boy, let Him arrange that our mind’s desire for fame, prestige, pride be beaten nicely, please Giriraja, let us keep our mind fixed upon the one thing we desire the most, Radha and Krishna’s pure devotional service. The hand pump near the gate of Vasundhara is our marker, 700 meters till Aniyor. Tomorrow at 05:30 we resume. O Vrindavan, my home, the land I love, please let me serve you.


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