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   Decorate your body with the dust from the lotus feet of Sri Radhika. Then, you will achieve the full grace of Sri Krishna, the lifter of Govardhana Hill. One who takes shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Radhika, I glorify him as a great person. All glories to the holy names of Sri Radha, who eternally resides in Vrindavan. She is the ocean of Krishna's happiness. I have been cheated by Providence because I have not heard about the glorification of Radha.

  One who associates with the devotees of Sri Radha and discusses the loving pastimes of Radha certainly meets Shyamsundara. Anyone averse to this never attains perfection and I do not wish to even hear the name of such a person.

  O brother, simply by chanting the names of Krishna, one can receive the lotus feet of Radhika, and by chanting the names of Radhika, one can receive the lotus feet of Krishna. Thus, I have briefly explained everything by which you will be relieved from the pains of your heart. All other topics are full of miseries and dualities.

  Give up false ego and pride. Giving up bad association and endeavoring for useless material knowledge, worship the lotus of the spiritual master. Surrender your body, home and family members unto him. The words from the lotus mouth of the spiritual master are supremely important.






  Wishing all my friends the best of Kartik Vratas. The presiding deity of the month is Sri Radhe. Appeal to Her soft nature that She will allow you to join Her team which is engaged in service to Krishna. Then success in meeting and serving Krishna is assured. Hare Krishna!! Jai Sri Radhe!!

祝愿我所有的朋友度过最好的卡尔提卡月。这个月的主持神像是施瑞茹阿德。求助于她温柔宽厚的天性,她将会允许你加入她从事对奎师那服务的队伍。那么见到和服务奎师那的成功是肯定的。哈瑞 奎师那!!佳呀 施瑞 茹阿戴!!



  Had a pleasant program last night. It was my first chance to speak in a while. Surely, discussions pertaining to Krishna bring happiness to the soul. Not only to the hearer, but to the speaker as well. To be fully satisfied at all times you simply must engage in sravanam and kirtanam. It calms the mind, washes the soul, pleases Krishna, and leave one in a cool refreshed condition of life.



  Rekha Bhatia to Govinda Maharaja, “Maharaja, I feel so connected with Krishna when I listen to Your Kirtan. The mangala arati melody recently and the previous kirtan are my very strong connection with Krishna. It's absolutely sublime. Maharaja....I am at a loss of words. Many thanks.”

  “Welcome Rekha. I am just trying to do what I've learned from Srila Prabhupada. If there is any success, it is all his mercy.”





   PS....the night is cool and fresh. What a life giving atmosphere to be in. I am so thankful that Radha Krishna, Gauranga, and Prabhupada have once again allowed me to be here. Thank you Radhe Shyam.... Krishna Balarama, Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada!! And now I am home. Jaya Jaya Radhe.... Jaya Jaya Shyama.... Jaya Jaya Sri Vrindavan Dham. Pavana Radha Tero Nama Pavan Sri Vrindavan Dhama.

  多么清新凉爽的夜晚。多么美妙的赋予生命的环境。我是如此地感谢茹阿达-奎师那,高让嘎,并且帕布帕德又一次允许我来到这里。感谢您们,茹阿戴-夏玛…奎师那-巴拉茹阿玛,高让-尼太和施瑞拉帕布帕德!!我现在回家了。佳呀 佳呀 茹阿戴…佳呀 佳呀 夏玛…佳呀 佳呀 施瑞温达文 达玛。帕瓦纳 茹阿达 太柔 纳玛 帕湾 施瑞温达文 达玛。



  Cool morning, mangala arati, thousands of devotees, the chanter sang well and the response was full, dandavats to Gaura Nitai, Prabhupada, Bhaktisiddhanta, Krishna Balaram, Radhe Shyam, Lalita Visakha, expressed sorrow for what I am, like the dwarf desiring the moon. I still requested service, saw Prabhupada at his samadhi, long prayer asking forgiveness, tolerance, mercy and service, yasya prasada bhagavat prasado yasya prasada nagati kutopi, the most essential lesson, now a morning parikrama. O Vrindavan, my home, the land I love, O Prabhupada, my master, please let me serve you.

凉爽的早晨,曼嘎拉阿尔提,成千的奉献者,领唱者唱得很好并且回应的歌声洪亮,五体投地地顶拜高让-尼太、帕布帕德、巴克提希丹塔、奎师那-巴拉茹阿玛、茹阿戴-夏玛、拉丽塔-维沙卡,为我是什么表达了悲伤,就像矮子期望着月亮。我仍然要求服务,在萨玛迪看望了帕布帕德,长长的祷文祈求他的宽恕原谅,容忍,仁慈和服务。yasya prasada bhagavat prasado yasya prasada nagati kutopi, 最精华的课程。现在是一个早晨的绕拜。温达文啊,我的家,我热爱的这片土地,帕布帕德啊,我的主人,请让我为您服务。



  Began with a dandavat and a prayer, pukka road till Kaliya Ghat, pukka mess till Kesi Ghat, first passage at Kesi Ghat filled with yatris, one Baba sat singing a clear mantra while laying down soulful notes on his ektar. Yamuna waters shiny, and black, like the one who bathes there, many monkeys at play, morning beggars asking alms, straight road on the other side of Kesi Ghat topped with the deep red sindhur of the rising sun, cool and calm and clean till messy Sant Colony, called out loudly at Radhe Shyam well, will They ever answer my prayer, funny painted crosswalk at the top of the parikrama, who will ever observe it, ended flat in the dust with a prayer. O Vrindavan, my home, the land I love, please let me serve you.




  18;00, temple bell rings six times, sun is running in fear of the rising moon, last moments of daylight, chattering of many parrots, a lone kirtaneer at Balaram Baba's sings Krishna's name in a melancholy minor key, like a young girl too long separated from whom she loves, in the distance the whirring motor of the motor rickshaw, my lovely simian friends swing in the Bakula tree and their silhouettes run atop the boundary wall, sadhus discuss in the alley. O Vrindavan, my home, the land I love, please let me serve you.




  Entered the temple at 02;45. This was my earliest temple visit since the night Srila Prabhupada left. Cool enough to drape a light chaddar across the head and shoulder, the lights were very dim, and I slipped off my glasses so that all faces became indistinguishable. Only a few devotees were present,and Madhava was slowly singing a Bada Hare melody. I tried to focus and hear the names, tried to sing each name with concentration and feeling. There was no need for the kirtan to hurry. Why hurry? The rest of Vrindavan was sleeping, except for the blessed souls who serve Krishna in the Vrindavan of their hearts. Hearing slowly, singing slowly, we repeatedly dipped the mind in the rich colors of Krishna's names. By 04;25, the temple was full, the kirtan reached a crescendo, and the doors of the deity chambers opened. Shyamsundara heard our appeal and granted us all a beautiful mangala darshan. O Vrindavan, my home, the land I love, please let me serve you.

  二点四十五分进入庙宇。自从施瑞拉帕布帕德离开躯体的那个夜晚以来,这是我最早的庙宇朝拜。天气够凉的了,因此从头到肩披上一块浅色的围巾。光线很暗,我滑落了眼镜,于是所有的面孔变得模糊不清。只有几个奉献者在场,玛达瓦正在慢悠悠地唱着一支巴达哈瑞的歌曲。我努力集中思想聆听圣名,努力带着专注和情感唱颂每一个圣名。克依尔坦没有必要匆忙。为什么要匆匆忙忙?温达文的居民在睡觉,除了在心中的温达文服务奎师那的幸福灵魂。慢慢地听,慢慢地唱,我们反复将心沉浸在丰富多彩的奎师那圣名当中。到四点二十五分,庙里全是人,克依尔坦达到了高潮,神像的大门开了。夏玛逊达尔听见了我们的恳求,恩赐给我们大家一个漂亮的曼嘎拉达善。 温达文啊,我的家,我热爱的这片土地,请让我为您服务。



  02;54 and leaving for the temple. I have taken water bath for my body, now I'll bathe the mind and refresh my soul with Krishna kirtan and the mangala darshan of Radhe Shyam. Then we go to Giriraja Govardhan to begin dandavat parikrama. I'll be in a team with Sacinandan Swami, Sruta Kirti prabhu, Madhava, Radha Mohan. Please say a prayer that I'll have focus, strenth and determination for a prayerful 21 kilometre stretch in the sacred dust of Govardhan.



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