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  Is in Mother Moscow....Will meet Madhava, Radhika, Akinchanna Krishna, Partha-Sarathi and lots of Bhakti filled Russian devotees.




  O Krishna, O friend of Arjuna, O chief among the descendants of Vrsni, You are the destroyer of those political parties that are disturbing elements on this earth. Your prowess never deteriorates. You are the proprietor of the transcendental abode, and Your most sacred glories, which are sung by Vrindavan's cowherd men and women and their servants, bestow all auspiciousness just by being heard. O Lord, please protect Your devotees.




  We had a good program last night in Moscow at the arts center of Stas Namin, the father of Russian rock and roll. It was advertised as “Trance-Kirtan-Yoga." I, Akinchanna Krishna and Madhava all sang, along with Gopal Bhajan Band. Chandrika Radha performed a beautiful Bharat Natyam dance, “Gita Upadesa" Harinama Sankirtan Ki Jai!!

昨天晚上我们在莫斯科,摇滚乐之父斯塔斯那敏艺术中心举办了一场很棒的节目。广告是“神定-克依尔坦-瑜伽”。我,阿肯查纳·奎师那,玛达瓦都领唱了,伴奏是哥帕拉·巴赞乐队。禅卓卡·茹阿达表演了美丽的婆罗多舞蹈,“给塔奥义书”,哈瑞那姆 桑克依尔坦 克依 佳呀!!


  Spiritually enlivening program tonight with so many vaisnavas from the Moscow community. Krishna can be understood in the association of devotees. My thanks to Moscow temple and all Moscow devotees for your enriching association this evening.

  We are at Domodedovo to take the morning S7 flight to Kazan.





  On Harinama in Kazan....Very nice chanting and dancing.




  We are on the road from Kazan to the Grushinski Festival. A piece of metal just struck one of the car's front window and shattered it. By Krishna's grace there were no injuries. Scotch taped the remaining windscreen and carrying on.




  Began Kirtan at 10 PM and finished at 03:30 AM!! Madhava sang ecstatically! Harinama Sankirtan Ki Jai!!

  克依尔坦从晚上十点钟开始到凌晨三点半钟结束。玛达瓦唱得心醉神迷。哈瑞那玛 桑克依尔坦 克依 佳呀!!



  Down at 4 and up at 7 Partha gives Bhagawatam and we prepare for puja. Half day here and then departure for Samara. Many guests last night who became caught in the nectar of the name. 40 years ago I chanted with devotees at a music festival in the states. The name overwhelmed me....Things have not been the same since then. Hope that maybe one person tasted the nectar of the name. Then our visit here was a success.




  Rolling out from Samara heading for Saratov. Rasa Bihari is the driver, Partha-Sarathi is the navigator and the holy names are our solace. Eight hours to go in the Volga summer heat and the funky Russian Roads.

  I wish you were all with us in the Samara Temple. Many devotees are here, we have had Kirtan and class, and now Madhava Prabhu is singing Kirtan. It is deep and wonderful.

  Yesterday we had a fantastically sattvic Russian sauna, replete with good teas, honeys, great home made jams, nuts, fruits, vinik(those small birch leaf brooms for heating and beating the tired muscles), a nice pool and very good vaisnava association. We all ganged up on Partha and gave him a massage and he squealed like a kid. Russian Vaisnava Sanga Ki  Jai!!



昨天我们进行了奇特而愉悦的俄罗斯式桑拿浴,充满了好茶叶、蜂蜜、真正的家制果酱、坚果、水果,维尼克(那些小的桦树叶扫帚用来加热和敲打疲劳的肌肉),一个令人愉快的水池和非常友好的外士那瓦联谊。我们都联合起来进攻帕尔塔,给他按摩,他像小孩子一样尖叫。俄罗斯 外士那瓦 桑嘎 克依 佳呀!!



  Reached Saratov at 9 PM.Had nice prasadam at Sri Krishna's home. Heading to Devananda Pandit and Parvati's home to take rest.




  Posted a photo album on our walk to Gaumukh-the source of the Ganga. The pictures of mountains and clouds may mean nothing to you, but the entire event was a deep spiritual experience for us who went. Have a look.


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